A little about me…

I am really excited to start my first blog… The funny thing is that I’ve been meaning to start a one (and told everyone that I would…) over winter break…but never actually did it. Luckily, I now end up in this class where it is REQUIRED to do so! I guess I was just lacking the confidence and needed a small push to help me put myself out there.

So anyway, I am not that much of a “tweeter” or the kind of person that post a lot on the web, or even at all. I do try to be present on Instagram to share my photography (or just pictures of my cats, guilty) and on Facebook once in awhile I will share cute puppies videos (who’s not guilty of that?). So like I said for the past 2months I’ve been thinking to start an “anonymous” blog at first. I just wanted to use it as a therapeutic tool. I love photography, drawing, painting and even writing so I thought why not share my thoughts and piece of mind? However I never had the courage to go through with it.

What I am doing now is a start. A blog for a web class where I am not sure I’m supposed to talk this much but hey… as long as I do what I’m supposed to do why not?
And in addition of that, I am really looking forward to this class so I can understand better the use this kind of software, websites, apps etc. I also hope that this class will make me think more about the internet and how it is everywhere. Because it is EVERYWHERE. So I do want to understand it better.

Anyway…I believe that everything happens for a reason and call me crazy if you want but the fact that I’ve been meaning to create a blog for so long and that this class comes along means a lot. Like I would say to a friend, “It’s a sign” hehe. A sign from where? I don’t know… the universe? God? That’s another, very complex, topic.


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