How has the internet changed the way I eat?

There has been some times were the internet did kind of changed the way I eat.
The main thing is, it made me wanna cook and make full meals. I’ve always been drowned to cooking but never had the base or the motivation. However, a year or so ago “cooking pages” on Facebook became popular such as “Tasty” or “Tastemade.”
So scrolling through my news-feed I would see videos of delicious looking meals that looked so easy and simple to make. It seemed that you just had to follow the video and you could have this wonderful meal. If you know me, you know I love food and just simply eating, so of course I tried a couple of time making those meals. I did not succeed every time but the more often I would do it, the easiest for me it became to cook.
Anyways my point being, I now cook home-made meals more often than couple years ago thanks to those videos that gave me the motivation.

Another thing that change for me in how I eat happened last summer. And it’s smoothies! There has been this new “healthy trend” EVERYWHERE. Between workouts and healthy meal plans, I don’t know how to not feel guilty while eating a burger anymore… just kidding! It still won’t stop me from loving junk food! But seriously, this influence has been everywhere on Facebook and especially Instagram. Nowadays, all I see is everyone taking pictures of their supper healthy meals, smoothies etc, with kale everywhere! Especially celebrities, whom are one of the biggest -or the biggest- influence on social media.
So last summer I tried. But only regular smoothies (not weird kale/grass smoothies) with berries, banana, yogurt… so good! It was healthy, fresh and perfect for the summer. So I bought the machine and started making some and was feeling quite healthier… I hadn’t left the junk food but at last I was eating fruits.

So finally, to answer the question… the internet, and more specifically the social media has a little bit changed the way I eat by inspiring and influencing me.


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