Shopping on the web.

On this post, I am gonna talk about how the internet has changed the way I shop.

Well, first of all I am not a big shopper but I can say that you can never get too excited when coming home and seeing that package waiting for you on your front door.
Just for this reason, sometimes I have just wanted to order something online to get this feeling. Which brings me to my first point: It is so easy to shop nowadays! All I have to do is to get on my couch, relax, and surf the web. The internet has truly made everything so accessible. When internet shopping I can avoid crowds and endless checkout lines. Also, I do not have a car and to go out shopping I would have to take the bus or walk or both. So that’s a major reason why the internet has changed the way I shop in a positive way.

Now, the other reason why I go online shopping is because it is way easier to see all the different articles, promotions, etc. However it is not always good. For example, 98% of the online shopping I do is for clothes; However, 81% of the time I actually end up returning those clothing or never doing so and then never wearing them.
So yes the internet has changed the way I shop but for good and bad reasons. Good because it makes it easier for me to actually shop. bad because it usually makes me waste money since I don’t try it on or 60% of the time the item looks different in the picture and I have to return it (if I can). All I can say, internet shopping takes practice!


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