How has the internet changed the way you learn?

The internet has made learning everything and anything so much easier. As soon as you need to learn how to do something, just go search for your answer on the web and you’ll find it. You need to repair your bed, look it up and I’m pretty sure you’ll find some instructions on a website in a minute.
Personally, it has changed my cooking experiences big times! I remember when I was little and I was baking cakes with my mom, how we used to pick a cake from a huge recipe book. Nowadays its more about food networks, the recipes are on websites followed by a nice tutorial video that shows you exactly what to do, in details. Hard to mess it up with that and it also has encourage me to learn more.

Learning with video tutorials has been a huge trend nowadays. There is tutorials for everything and for everyone: from make-up to construction, to science experiences to various DIY. This new way of learning has changed the new generation and will continue on changing the new generations to come. Children -who now know how to use a computer, cellphone etc- watch videos on how to do their hair, make up etc way earlier than the previous generation did.
In my opinion, the fact that the internet has made learning more accessible is a good thing but not necessarily just that, since it depends what there is to learn. For example, in multiple cases of high school shooting, the shooter had been watching gun videos on the web to learn how to manipulate them.


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