How has the internet changed the way you manage your health?

The internet has definitely helped me with managing my health, the internet can help manage life! What I mean by that is that anytime I have any kind of question I can just look it up, and yes I do do it for health questions. So yes the internet help me manage my health for the most part.

As an example, I recently looked up vitamins that could hopefully help me with the bad hair loss I’ve been going through. I also did some research on what could be causing this issue and which one of the medicine that I take on a daily basis have that side effect. I was then able to solve most of the problem by myself and went to the right doctor to solve it completely instead of asking around and taking many different appointments and wasting time and money. I still like going for the doctor better than looking it up online and trusting those website on the web but sometimes you have no choice since health care is not free, and pretty expensive. So the Internet can definitely save you some time, money and worry!

Also, I live with my two aunts and one them who is overweight started being on a diet and the other one kind of followed to get healthier. My point is that the internet has made it so much easier for them to keep track on what they were eating and all. She could look up on her phone how much calories and carbs are on certain food so she could be careful when she eats and what she eats. Also, My other aunt would now try to cook healthier and more “carb-free” meals. And she got those recipes from the internet!


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