How has the internet changed the way I keep in touch?

This subject applies to me more than the average person. I am an International Student from France, more specifically from a tiny Island halfway around the world called “Reunion Island”. So being that far from everybody, meaning my friends, family, home country etc can be really hard. Since it’s really far from each other its too expensive to travel back home often. So since I cannot rely on this, I rely in the Internet!

With the internet there is so many ways to keep in touch!
By certain Apps such as: Skype, Viber, What’s App etc, which allows me to text AND video chat which allows me to kind of have a “face to face” feeling. Also, simply  with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram etc we are able to not only text and sometimes video chat but also we can see what our friends/family are up to and feel like we are still up to date with their life. But personally my “favorite” (the one I use the most) way to keep in touch is simply texting thanks to imessage, which again, uses the internet to function.
So really… without the internet what would it be left to use… letters, and…?


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