The time technology saved my day

I’ve always felt a bit against technology in general. I mean yes it does help improve a lot of things, but I’ve always been against it in a sense that I just really hate the way it obstructs our daily life. A lot of our habits nowadays have change with technology. As an example, no one uses a paper map anymore. Or any kind of map whatsoever, at least not our self, we let the GPS guide us. But this day, I had to admit that my phone and the internet very much saved the day!

It was just the second week into my new job, I was working like any normal day of the week when my boss asked to talk to me in the office, which made me automatically think that something was wrong. So she took me aside and told me that since my passport was expired, I will not be able to work anymore until I get myself a new one. Since this was on a Thursday I thought to myself, I have to go tomorrow so I can get it as soon as possible! However; the issue was that I didn’t have a car and I needed to go to the French Embassy downtown Chicago, where I’ve never been.

So I had to figure out a way to go from my house to the embassy, downtown. This meant I had to figure out the bus and train schedule and map. But it wasn’t all. Surfing through the French Embassy’s web page looking at how to get a new passport, it was saying that making an appointment before hand was mandatory and the only appointment available was at 9:15am. Now I had to figure out a way to go all the way from the NorthWest suburbs to downtown Chicago and arrive at precisely 9:15am (they weren’t accepting a late arrival). That meant I had to plan my trip ahead to arrive precisely on time. Knowing that my trip was gonna be cut in 3 steps: bus, train, walk, and that I didn’t want to stay too long waiting for my ride in the freezing cold (it was back in February); my problem was now then to make every step go smoothly one after the other. So I became really anxious since I didn’t really know which bus to take to the train station, which train-stop to stop at etc. Plus, I didn’t even know how long the whole journey would take me, which would have been fine if I didn’t have to be there at PRECISELY 9:15am.
But then I thought, why not look-up on google maps at least how long would a car ride take. As I was typing the address, I noticed a “transit” option. And clicking on it totally SAVED ME! This option was telling me which bus would take me to the train station, which train to take, which stop to stop at, how long I would have to walk, and how long this whole journey will take me! It was even letting me know at what time I should leave and giving me multiple options. It literally had planned the whole trip for me and now I didn’t had to do anything at all! Except to wake up on time…


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