Describe your favorite app, why you use it, who you think the targeted audience is, and what you like/dislike about it

My favorite app would probably be Instagram. I like this app because it allows me to share photos, and sometime more specifically, some of my photography that I might be a little proud of. I kind of see it as a mini website or portfolio where I can display some of my work, but also just simple pictures from my life here in the United States. I would say the target audience is literally everyone, but I also don’t think that all the age groups are using it with the same purpose. Younger people, like teenagers, would use it more just as a social media platform, but adults and young adults often use it more professionally or are at least are more serious about the pictures they post on this app. For example a lot of my little sister’s friend use this app just to put snapchat pictures and what not or, like my sister, don’t even post anything but just use their account to see other people’s account. Then from my age group I start to see a little bit more serious pictures in a sense that they would post good pictures about their life. Then when it comes to adults, their account are usually more professional or more serious.
What I really like about this app is that we can share our work and with the # we have all kind of categories and it’s also a way to all have our work and pictures connected.
What I dislike in this app, is that of course everybody can access it so there can be inappropriate content or a lot of spam’s and all. Maybe they should be more strict and control more some feeds.


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