My name is Lila.

I am born in France, Paris, and have 3 siblings. One older sister, one little sister, and one little “step” brother. We moved when I was 5 to the beautiful Island named “Reunion Island”, located in the Indian Ocean by the East coast of Madagascar. It is a beautiful but tiny volcanic Island, that is french owned so part Europe.
Against all expectation, growing up over there wasn’t the best. The Island was so small and so far from EVERYTHING. On the island itself it would get boring for a child, and teenager. However it did have its bright side with its beaches and beautiful mountains. Hopefully for me my who loves to travel brought us to many different countries and I was able to see and discover so many different cultures! I will always be thankful to her for that.

Anyway at 17, once I graduated High School, I jumped on a plane by myself and left for the United States! One of my dream. I landed here in Chicago where my uncle welcomed me to live with his wife while I would go to school. Since he lived in Schaumburg I started looking for community colleges around the area since 4-year University would be too expensive, especially for a International Student. In addition, like all teenagers, I had no idea what I wanted to do fir a living, or even just who I was. I had ideas but it would come and go.

I ended up being really attracted by Harper College’s associate in Hospitality Management since I’ve had wanted to be in the restaurant/hotel business for a pretty long time at the time. I thought it would be my best bet on what I want to do even though I wasn’t sure myself.
However while completing my ESL classes (to be able to take regular classes and start a degree) I was introduced to Graphic Design. I’ve always been drown to Arts such as, cinema, music, drawing, photography, painting, dancing… any type really! But we used to tell me that there would be no way for me to find a job and make a living in this field.
However I decided to change my degree to Graphic Arts! And here I am, loving it and working on getting my Associate and certificate in photography.